Under Pressure?

We have managed companies, programs, projects and created processes in dozens of industries, but there are some common themes. Typically, the group we support is under pressure. This may be because they have been asked to handle a much larger project than is typical for them, or they are already tasked with functional duties that will leave little time for the project.

Facing complexity?

Calling us might be worthwhile. A project can be small, yet complex, or large and fairly simple. For example, a software project might be fairly straightforward, even though it involves many lines of code. However, if the team is, for example, virtual, multi-national and multi-lingual, that adds three new axes of complexity. Add in late change orders, a new sponsor, and the discovery that the hardware will need to be re-engineered, and you have a complex project. That is the sort of environment we thrive in.

Clear Documentation

Whenever we manage a project or an aspect of one, we document what we did. These documents can be used as a template for future work of a similar nature. We can also, if asked, create process documents for further guidance. We manage all projects formally, scaling the standard tools of PM to fit the project. Every project needs a Risk Management Plan, but if the project is only a month or so long, we will need to create and document that plan in a matter of a few hours. The same goes for the communications plan and many others.

No Waste

We work at will –your will. When our work is done, we go off the clock. There is no need to keep us on the payroll while you look for the next thing for us to do.

Example Projects and Programs

Program Managed a Jet engine laser-gauging system and Database for General Electric, United Airlines and a consortium of Aviation firms, resulting in a 3% reduction in jet fuel usage world-wide.

Launched a new pneumatic station for Swisslog, the largest hospital automation company in the world.

Project Managed a Statistical Quality Control system and Database for General Motors improving quality and reducing waste on every piece of wire in every GM vehicle.

Created an alternative fuel sources Program and Processes for Lafarge Coppe.

Secured ISO 9000 certification and Processes for the services group of Beta LaserMike.

Program managed the design, production, and installation of two concentrated solar energy farms for SkyFuel.Create a Process Manual for future projects.

Supported Zavanna, LLC in a large fracking operation in the Williston Basin.

Worked with River Software to set up formal Project and Process Management in their software engineering…

Created and Executed PMP exam prep training for DOE, NASA and the US Office of Personnel Management.

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