Young enough to understand re-invention, yet wise enough to know how, we train, manage and consult on reinvention projects, products and processes. We support companies through their growth and change to assure their futures. Success may require re-invention, change, risk management, sacrifices and long hours, but it can be immensely satisfying.

Are you a small organization that wants to learn the tools of scalability that big companies are so good at? We call this “Helping Big, Little Companies become Little, Big Companies.“

Is yours a larger organization? Would you like a refresher for your team on how to practice the magic of small agile groups?  Give us a call!

The bulk of the funds you allocate to our consultants, managers, and trainers goes straight to the people we send you. No top-ten consulting or training organization can make that claim. Their overhead is simply too great. All of us work as needed by you, pursuing other projects when you don’t. There is no “idle-time overhead.” You contract with us Corp-to-Corp, and we handle the rest.

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