Chaos or Renaissance? 1: Thrive in the Coming Changes!

Consider these industries facing radical change:

(Skip down if you’re already convinced)

Transportation, Personal vehicles, taxicabs, Uber, public transportation, boats, planes, parking areas.

Package Delivery. How will packages be sorted and delivered in the coming years? 

Energy, Oil, gas, electricity including all types of generation and the power grid, which will be influenced by micro-grids.

Education, including all brick and mortar: universities, community colleges, seminars, workshops, public and private schools. Reverse classroom is already a reality, where the students stay home to receive lectures, and then meet physically and/or virtually to discuss them. 

Aerospace. The advent of re-usable craft and new aggressive competitors are re-shaping the field. Individuals with high six-fiure incomes and lavish benefit plans may face huge changes. 

Subject Matter Expertise. Any SME who wants to remain relevant needs to have comprehensive expertise in searching quickly for answers. Specialty websites and software packages are available for many fields. Some end-users are by-passing the brief-case toting SME in favor of a quick survey of the internet themselves.

Project Management. The model put forth in the 60s to formalize management is being challenged for lack of flexibility and fundamental shortcomings in highly chaotic environments, problem-solving and software development. A Professional Project Manager can no longer ride their certification to a nice job.

Retail. Amazon is the beginning. There will be further changes. What about food? What will the impact of 3-D printing be when you can enter your preferences, have your foot scanned and custom shoes appear? 

News reporting. The fractionizing of news outlets continues. Currently, many key stories are broken by newspaper reporters. What will happen when the last of them disappear? What will the role of a truth-seeker be? Who will meet their needs? 

So, we will all feel the impacts of the coming changes. What to do about it?

First, don’t panic.

There will be many people doing that, and it will not serve them. 

If you are stuck trying to manage risks, solve problems, make decisions, set goals and manage projects… STOP!

Our research shows the 2/3rds of the time, when we are stuck trying to do any of those things, the issue is lack of Data.

In this case, Data about the future.

Slow down, sit back, and give this some quiet attention. This is about the your future and the future of your organization. It may be imminent and frightening, but it can be addressed. Just plan on more time than it will take to drink that latte in your hand!

Yes, there is Chaos coming, but that also means that for some of us, there will be a Renaissance. If we take a hard look to the future, we can be part of the wave of progress!

Chris Bart

Coming Soon: Chaos or Renaissance 2