Dreams 1: Help From the Night Shift


A few years ago I discovered what I call my “night shift.” “They” speak to me through dream fragments. This is not a mystical nor deeply psychological approach. It’s just an idea or two that make me more productive and happy.

When my night shift sends me sadness stories, I find this checklist helps improve that.

Care Checklist:

  • Recent good hot bath or shower?

  • Recent oral hygiene?

  • Nail trim and other personal items?

  • Last good home-cooked sit-down meal?

  • Moderate or no alcohol/drugs?

  • Recent change of clothing, including some favorite items?

  • Last time I put on some good cologne?

  • Last chat with a friend, without an agenda?

  • Last contact with someone of a much different age/ethnicity/gender from me?

  • Driving sensibly, courteously, using lanes and turn-signals safely?

  • Home, car and office reasonably clean?

Nobody’s perfect, but almost every time I am awakened with a sad dream, that check-list is a wreck. I have no need (or time) for shame about that. I just go ahead and pick a few to address. I do so even if I don’t feel like it! I almost always feel better after I can cross a few off.

Chris Bart