Young enough to understand re-invention, yet wise enough to know how, we train, manage and consult on reinvention projects, products and processes. We support companies through their growth and change to assure their futures.

Recent client engagements:

  • “We are a small organization that wants to learn the tools of scalability that big companies are so good at. Can you teach us that?”
    • We call this “Helping Big, Little Companies become Little, Big Companies.“
    • The trick is to show you the way great MBAs do things, without ruining company culture the way bad MBAs sometimes do.
  • “Ours Is a larger organization. We need a refresher on the magic of small entrepreneurial, agile groups.”
    • That’s what we are, and we can show you how it’s done.
    • We’ll come, learn what made you so successful and then re-connect you with your agility!
  • “Agile, Waterfall, or Water-gile Project Mangement?”
    • Why is this a hot debate in Software?
    • Should it be considered in other areas?
    • We are Project Management Professionals(r), Certifed Scrum Masters. We mentor and teach in all three areas.
  • “The Energy Industry is changing.”
    • From Upstream to Downstream, from Fossil-based to Alternative, from Petroleum to Micro-grids, we have team members who speak your language.
    • We are onsite with you, out in the patch, down in areas of high solar irradiance, or out on the wind farm.
  • “How to keep the software and hardware teams pacing and cooperating with each other, rather than trying to find a way to blame the other group for the latest delay?”
  • “We have a core team here in town, a secondary team in Poland, and virtual team-members all over the Middle East and Ecuador. Can you get all 600 trained in three languages to one standard in eight months?”
    • Yes.
  • “Tax-payers are looking for budget cuts to our agency. Can you help us make our high-profile projects more efficent so we can stay on schedule and budget?”
    • We have served dozens of government agencies, and most of them face this challenge.
  • “We have a diverse team in the construction industry. Some of us are computer hot-shots with moderate field experience, some are the opposite, and many are in the middle. Can you train them all? By the way, we have another crew in Phoenix with the same issues.”
    • This is typical for the training we do. It is our job to canvas the range of skills, and then keep the fastest students involved while we bring the skill lelvesl of the others up to standards.
    • Sometimes we can do this with everyone together, and sometimes it makes more sense to have a level one and a level two class.
  • “We have a team that is a blend of soft and hard skill people. There is a real clash between them, and each sees the other group as non-critical.
    • We beleive that all Goal-focused activities need leaders with about half people and half technical skills.
    • No-one is born with that balance, so we work to balance the group skills. Doing this with people all over the spectrum at once is a greeat team-building exercise.

The bulk of the funds you allocate to our consultants, managers, and trainers goes straight to the people we send you. No top-ten consulting or training organization can make that claim. Their overhead is simply too great. All of us work as needed by you, pursuing other projects when you don’t. There is no “idle-time overhead.” You contract with us Corp-to-Corp, and we handle the rest.

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