Change is coming…

Not only do we want you to win the race,
we want you to be showered, dressed,
and selling cold beer
when the crowd arrives!


The next ten years will see more than half of all organizations reforming or falling by the wayside. We work with organizations seeking a place in the new economy through Strategic Planning, Process improvement, and Project and Chaotic Situation management, consulting, and training.


Are you:
  • a small company or division in a rapid-growth mode?  We can help. Let’s capture your genius and culture, document it and make a template that can be followed to multiplicative growth.
  • a large organization needing to re-ignite that entrepreneurial spark? Let’s work together. We are all entrepreneurs who have spent our careers in service to organizations of all sizes.
  • a group of any size that finds itself having grown haphazardly, and wants to stabilize for the future? Bring us in. We’ve been through this before.
  • a talented group that lacks specific skills. We are trainers and mentors, and we can help.

There’s a lot going on in Denver these days, and we’re proud to be bringing that excitement to the area – and the world! Bart Group, Inc., is a group of project and process experts with the big company wisdom you need, without the big corporate overhead. We are experienced change-makers bringing training, consulting and management skills to companies and organizations worldwide while preserving their culture. MORE

Our specialty  is process and project management as tools of reinvention. We support companies through their re-invention to assure their futures. We assist start-ups in becoming profitable and help groups streamline their processes. We train, manage and consult on projects, products and processes. MORE

We enjoy working with small organizations that want to learn the tools of scalability that big companies are so good at. We also like to work with big organizations to show them the magic of agile, small groups. MORE

NASA Chooses Bart Group

For the 7th year in a row, NASA’s Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL) has awarded the contract for Project Management Professional PMP® Exam prep training to the Bart Group.


Oil & Gas: Zavanna Successful Fracking

Danielle Beevers, Project Engineer at Zavanna, LLC discusses her work with the Bart Group to frack wells in the Williston Basin. Scheduling was critical on this project, as cost per day were significant.


SkyFuel Succeeds

Kelly Beninga, CEO, discusses how the Bart Group helped SkyFuel, a Colorado solar energy company, attain key goals.




IT: River Software Adopts Formal Project/Process Management

Ric Taylor, Vice President of River Software discusses how the Bart Group helped them systematize their projects and processes.


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